Evokly App – Free and public beacon app

21 Nov Evokly App – Free and public beacon app

With Evokly App every smartphone can be triggered by beacons. Thanks to Bluetooth connection the app can work for your clients as a radar seeking any important messages and as a guide at the conference.

You have invested some money in an infrastructure by equipping your premises with beacons. What is your next challenge? An App!

You have your beacons that broadcast signal 24/7 but you have to advertise an app so that your offers will recognized by the clients. Building an app is a subsequent cost, but what if I tell you that you can have it for free or for a significantly lower fee?

We have developed an Evokly App that works as a beacon reader. You can download it for free from AppStore or Google Play and communicate among your clients. This is how they will get your message.

But we assume that since you have your own restaurant, stadium or hotel you would like to have your own app. Usually creating an app is a long and expensive process. In evokly we came out with an idea that giving entrepreneurs their own beacon enabled apps is beneficial for their community.


Therefore our team can customize and adjust the app to reflect the style of your entity and send it to Google Play or App Store.

The same procedure applies when you organize a conference in the large halls, where finding the fastest way from one lecture to another is a challenge. Similar apps are being used during Mobile World Congress at Fira de Barcelona or at IFA in Berlin.

If you want your app to look stunning and attract users from the first sight feel free to contact us  at any given moment. The app can work together with our CMS so you won’t have problems with adjusting you content, colors and messages without sending updated version to Google Play and App Store.

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