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13 Dec iBeacon CMS | evok.ly

Welcome to evokly – beacons and proximity platform.
Let me show you how to use our platform in step by step instructions. It’s really easy.
Here you have a quick tutorial video which will show you the whole process.

…and now it is your time to shine!

1. Creating Location

First, you need to choose your location.
In the menu, click at “Beacons” on the left side and then choose “Locations”:

ibeacon CMS

Click “Create a new location” fill “Location name” bar and click “Create”.
(You can create multiple locations and also create sub-locations.)

ibeacon CMS

2. Creating notification

Now you can see the list with locations that you created. Click at “Manage” button to add a notification to selected location.

ibeacon CMS

Click “Create a notification” on the right side.


Set all “Notification’s properties”
In this step,  select one of default actions from the list, you will learn how to create a new one later.

ibeacon CMS

3. Beacons management

Now, when you have a location and notification, it’s time to see how beacons management looks like.
Right next to “Locations” tab u can find “all beacons” and “unassigned beacons” tabs.

ibeacon CMS
If you bought beacons from us, they will be visible on the list after picking one of those tabs.
If you have your own beacons from another source, please contact us, we will add them to your account. (don’t worry our platform is compatible with almost any beacon provider)

3.1. Assign beacon to location

On the list with your beacons, click on “Manage” button next to the beacon that u want to set.

ibeacon CMS

You can move them to different location (select from group list and press “transfer” button to confirm), if you want to create a notification to this beacon, you can do this in the same way like in location, if you want to use a notification that you’ve already set in the location, you don’t need a set them on the beacons.

ibeacon CMS
If you assign a beacon to the location, then another tab “assigned beacons” will appear.
You can also find “Assigned beacons” tab in the “Locations”, where you can see, how many beacons are assigned to every location.

ibeacon CMS
When you select the beacons, you can manage them on this list aswell, in the same way like in the beacon list.

ibeacon CMS

4. Actions (pop-up and themes)

4. 1. Actions (pop-up and videos)
Let’s make your first action by creating a new pop-up.
From the menu on the right side, choose “Pop-up and Videos” in “Actions” tab:

ibeacon CMS


Click “Create a new action” fill the “Action name”, choose “Video” or “Pop-up”  and click at “Save” button.

ibeacons CMS


In here you can define many things, you can put your own text, button or image
You can always use preview option to find out how does your action look like on the mobile devices.

ibeacons CMS


Now let’s move to the case when u want to add an image. Click on “+image” option, so the “Edit panel” will appear.

ibeacons CMS

After that, you can add your own image (upload or choose from library), set the size of your image by scrolling or other display settings (e.g. URL)
You can always use a default Theme or choose a different one from a section on the left side.
When you finish your work, don’t forget to click at the “save” button.

ibeacons CMS


Remember that you can use preview mode at any time to see how does your action look like on the mobile devices:


ibeacons CMS preview







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