Manage physical and virtual beacons with evokly range

14 Nov Manage physical and virtual beacons with evokly range

One app to rule them all! I mean… manage all of your beacons, and turn your smartphone into a virtual beacon!

Evokly range (Android, iOS) serves two roles:

  1. Managing a fleet of physical beacons.
  2. Broadcasting as a virtual beacon.

Manage your beacons

All the beacons bought from evokly are automatically assigned to the account of a buyer. Nevertheless, we support beacons from other producers as well. To manage them together from the mobile device just contact us and we’ll add them to your account.


On the main screen you will have all your beacons with a short information about their state. If they will be in range then you’ll see the distance from you smartphone. At the same time you’ll be able to get more detailed data like battery status.


If the beacon is in range of your device then you will be able to change its options, like broadcasting interval and estimated beacon’s range.


Configuration is a required procedure to ensure correct functioning. Normally beacons will determine your position in a closed space (micro-localisation) and based on that information send accurate message. Configuration lasts for one minute only.


Test virtual beacons

Let’s move to the second part of an app – virtual beacons. If you want to know more about their configuration I suggest you to read my previous article.


To start broadcasting simply click the button and you’ll see concentric circles coming from the centre of the screen. It’s important to remember that you can adjust activation zones (distance from the beacon) and movement types (entering, leaving or staying at the beacon’s range).


If you have troubles with testing notification please read my article about the evokly, app dedicated to getting notifications from beacons. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

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