Test beacons without beacons – how to turn your phone into virtual beacon

14 Nov Test beacons without beacons – how to turn your phone into virtual beacon

With evokly range you can analyse how beacons will work for your company without spending money on a developer kit. All you need is a smartphone and our app.

Beacons are tiny computers that we normally attach to the walls or any other points of interest. We can group them together to reflect physical locations like rooms and quickly adjust settings instead of changing one after another. Managing beacons gets easier with practice, but now it’s possible to try beacons without having them physically in your hands.

You just need to use a virtual beacon!

The virtual beacon is basically your phone. If a standard beacon is a tiny computer, then your smartphone with Bluetooth can be even more powerful transmitting device.

The First thing to do is creating your own account in the web app.


Then you have to create a test location (click: + create a new location) and assign beacons (unassigned beacons -> manage -> select group -> transfer).


The next step is to add notifications. Again go to Manage -> create a notification and fill the empty boxes.

There are two types of actions that can be assign to the notification: opening a URL or displaying a pop-up. The other options are rather self-explanatory.


Now you’re almost set to go! Download evokly range app from Google Play or App Store. With evokly range you can easily configure and manage a fleet of your beacons and start broadcasting as a virtual one.

Login with your account created previously. Swipe left and choose your beacon to start broadcasting. If you have another smartphone you will instantly get a message.


You can test up to three setups, changing between environments. In case of any questions feel free to contact us.

Note #1 Every iPhone can be turned into the virtual beacon, but not every Android. According to this post able to broadcast are: Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Moto E 4G LTE, LG G4, Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5 (model SM-G900M), Nexus 5X, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Note #2 With evokly range you can manage not only virtual, but also physical beacons. All the beacons bought from evokly are automatically assigned to the account of a buyer. Nevertheless we support beacons from other producers as well. To manage them from the mobile just contact us.

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