Put smart ZOO into your pocket with beacons

31 May Put smart ZOO into your pocket with beacons

With the dedicated app and beacon infrastructure, you can turn standard visit at the zoo in an unforgettable experience that boosts emotional connection between tourists and animals along with increasing profits. There’s a big challenge on how to engage people with smart devices without forcing them to stare at their screens all the time, which is ruining the whole thing. The solution is context provided by beacons – small transmitters that can trigger special action into an app. They allow zoo managers to connect with consumers via a mobile device and enhance their visit with time- and location-relevant information in a wonderfully simple way. This data that goes far beyond guided tour with photos that you can normally find on the internet, but let’s see how it looks in practice.


Do you remember the thrill when a gate of Jurassic Park was opening and visitors received dinosaur- like greeting? How cool was that? Although you may not have dinosaurs in your zoo you can send a special video message to your visitors and wish them a great time.

Information hub

The most important factor of integrating beacons into zoo’s infrastructure is delivering additional value for visitors. That’s easily achievable with contextual information hub. Zoo is a place full of attractions, rides, exhibits and shows so the typical visitor can be overwhelmed by the vast number of interesting places to go. So why not to guide him around with several predefined routes based on his/her interests? Screen z appki gdzie można wybrać np. „african trail”, „american trail”, venomous trail”.

No signboards

When approaching giraffe some additional information can be delivered exactly at the moment of staring at the animal. It’s of course not “Hey! It’s a giraffe!” cause I’m assuming your visitors are intelligent people, but more sophisticated info that makes traditional cardboards obsolete.
Some zoos have expensive vocal guides but they are hard to maintain and often require staff to manually check-in/checkout the devices. With beacons, you can provide truly multimedia experience to learn about animals in their natural habitat. You can use the wide range of formats, including
audio, images and videos of the animals. Screen z appki ze stroną dla żyrafy. Photos, videos, basic info, check-in, take a selfie.

More beacons = more information

Notifications can be also time specific, like “bird show will start in 15 minutes”. As an addition advantage, you can present the exact direction on how to get to the venue. The same goes for dining (when a visitor is close to a restaurant) and merchandise (when an individual nears a gift shop). Screen z mapą Moreover, you can provide help with navigation for differently-abled. The app can navigate visually impaired or show friendly route for those with motion disabilities. That way you can ensure that your visitors spend more time enjoying the visit.


Providing a map can with visitor position can save a lot of time that could be used on more active things than looking for a right path. Not only visitor can check what is available within their vicinity (Beacons provide more precise data than the GPS), but also take part in the contests like the
scavenger hunt.

Digital scavenger hunt

Gamification is a key to increasing visitors engagement. The scavenger hunt is a game where participants have to collect different badges for visiting animals, answering questions about their habitat or fulfill different tasks like taking a selfie with a monkey and uploading it to the Facebook. Visitors can get different rewards or discounts for competing with their relatives and create additional buzz for the zoo. Fotka roześmianej rodziny w zoo z telefonami

Plan your trip

The app doesn’t have to be available only at the zoo but outside as well. In this fashion, people could plan their visit from home and then be guided around their chosen spots to save time. Moreover, they could compose their lunch and order it to be ready at a specific hour or buy some souvenirs and collect them on the spot. Monitor waiting time

What is the worst time ever? Waiting time! Get rid of queues by monitoring waiting time. It’s done when the user simply marks the attraction and gets a notification when his turn comes. Moreover, beacons make the payment process easier. Let’s say that you have a calm snake that is eager to be the start of the zoo and pose for the photos with kids. Later on, their parents have to spend a heck of a time choosing the best photo and paying. With beacons, all they need to do is
enter a special code into the app and get access to the photos with watermarks. In the end after much negotiations with their loved ones, they can easily pay with integrated modules. In this way, visitors can smoothly pay for tickets to the special shows or a lunch. Ease of the process can attract the to spend more money. screen z appki pokazujący możliwość wyboru wielu zdjęć

Parking assistant

No one likes driving around while looking for a spot. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for a vast majority of attractions. With beacons it’s different. When the car drives in the entrance you can send a notification directing him to the nearest available parking space. That’s not all. Isn’t it a headache when one forgets the way to his/her car. With beacons, you could also help him locate his car with ease.

Beacons can enhance visitors experience but also improve processes from the point of view of
manager – use cases to connect with a guest are limitless.

Send personalized message

Push notifications are great with delivering contextual information that boosts the bottom line. How to do it in practice? Using our simple editor workers at shops or restaurants are able to change the message based on product’s availably in store, the time of the day or other special occasions. In this way you can quickly sell not only perishable products but also warn your visitors about coming rain and issue alerts to visitors in uncovered areas, indicating where they could find shelter
Screen ze ekranu modyfikacji notyfikacji

Analyze and manage

The data is the currency of digital age and beacon provide you with a mass of data to analyze. Real- time statistics will help you with deciding when more staff should be added to help out visitors, how many employees should walk about in costumes at different areas of the park or zoo or where to send cleaning service. You can modify trategically the park infrastructure accordingly to the large influx of data and save money on things like leaflets or signboards.


After the day at the zoo is done you can send satisfaction surveys and offer discounts in return for fulfilling the questionnaire. Getting more information about your visitors will help you to deliver a more effective experience.

Traffic management

How to make crowded areas less crowded? With live heat maps, you can indicate where people are clustering and redistribute the traffic flow with notifications. When are around lion’s paddock is crowded you can push a message about the main course dish in a restaurant nearby to distribute some of the traffic. Stay safe Zoo has never been a safer place than with beacons. They help to recognize hotspots and alerts security staff about high-risk areas. Smart infrastructure can also help you with managing parking slots. If a particular vehicle is barricading the road you can easily identify it’s owners.

Drive higher conversion rates with beacons

Vast, open are a great place to implement beacon technology and provide additional value to consumers. For kids, this is their life – enjoying great time in the zoo with entertainment by mobile devices; for adults less headache in terms of planning. For both groups – memorable personalized experience.
I have just presented you a tiny drop in the ocean of possibilities that the zoo management can use the technology for. It really is all up to the imagination. I guarantee that your guests will feel special Sky’s the limit when it comes to how beacons can help benefit zoos!

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