Enhance travel experience with beacons in public transportation

beacons in public transport

03 Jul Enhance travel experience with beacons in public transportation

Enhance travel experience with beacons in public transportation

Smart Public Transportation will change the way how people travel – especially for tourist and visually impaired. Equipping city transportation system with beacons will bring you opportunity to launch new services and monetize all of the gathered real-time data about the passengers and vehicles load.

Technology is already playing a key role in propelling public communication. Thanks to various kinds of mobile apps commuters can stay up to date with schedules and even buy a ticket for a bus or a train. Unfortunately, most often those possibilities are decentralized and operate without the context of localization.

Beacons with micro-localization capabilities are a great fit for smart-commuters to enhance their travel experience as well as for drivers (the app can deliver parking information and mobile enable payments).

The platform consists of three components:

Hardware – beacons deployed around the city,

App – mobile application that delivers contextual information to the end user.

Cloud Platform – software to control communication process.

Hassle free travel

In the beginning a user composes the track with the assistance of the mobile app and is directed to the nearest bus stop that meets the requirements. When the bus/train approaches the station mobile app triggers a signal so the user can board the vehicle. When it’s coming to the destination the app delivers a notification to get off. Simple as that.

The app analyses current traffic and suggests the optimal start and final station, timing and bus/train lines to make the travel as short as possible. All of the information about the accidents, traffic jams or temporarily changed routes are updated in real time.

Thanks to real-time data flow the app can give precise arrival time of each bus which is one of the most valuable information for travelers.

City guidance

The app can boost sightseeing capabilities and work as a guide for tourists that finally can get the most of the public communication without worrying about getting a cab. Moreover, they can get custom made tips about the most interesting spots near the route (visiting hours and tariffs, links to the official websites and special offers from local entities).

It’s also an additional way to monetize the app. Chosen city guides can bring profits with paid digital tours enriched with historical and educational multimedia content.

Smart  ticketing

Looking for a place to buy a ticket and then validating it is very outdated. With dedicated app, commuters can easily purchase a ticket from their mobile devices without worrying about taking out pocket money. The app works in a prepaid model.

Moreover tickets are automatically activated when entering the vehicle or walking through the fare gates equipped with readers.

You can customize pricing based on the rush-hours, capacity of trains and busses, destinations and routes complexity to make the transport even smoother. People will see that public communication is cheaper beyond the rush hours so they’ll change their plans accordingly.

This feature will also cut short the ticket misuse when a person travels in wagon not corresponding to the ticket purchased, for ex. travelling in a class 1 car with a ticket for the second class.

Help visually impaired

Not everyone can look at the mobile device to check the current position of the bus on the map. Every city has a significant population of visually impaired people that often rely on their friends or family when it comes to commuting around the city. With beacons, you can give them independence.

The app for visually impaired works in the same way as for fully capable but it supports voice input and delivers additional information straight to the ears of the user. It works even without the headphones because of emitting a beep sound and vibrations in the key moments.

The app can give advice like to give him/her turn-by-turn directions on where to head and what obstacles to avoid.

The driver will also know whether there is a person with special needs at the stop, so he could react accordingly in emergency situation (troubles with boarding).

Individual monitoring

The Smart Public Transport can control the presence of each user which is especially valuable in case of vulnerable commuters like kids or people with disabilities. This feature can also improve group travels and cleaning service, cause it gives the power to check individuals position on the map.

In any case of suspicious behavior, the alarm can be triggered to make sure that you’ll have enough time to take action and avoid difficulties.

Gather real-time data

Smart Public Transportation delivers facilities not only for the commuters but also for the managers, that can get accurate information about a load of buses/trains and a number of people waiting at the station. That’s a very valuable stream of information cause you can adjust the number of buses of each line accordingly to people’s requirements.

An additional source of information may consist of surveys sent to the commuters to discovers strengths and weaknesses of the system. You will gather the most reliable data due of activating the polls in the context of just performed the action like waiting and boarding the right bus.

This is also a great way to share information with your community.

Send relevant offers

Having a great amount of data about the commuters gives you the power to send them relevant contextual offers and enables brands to target specific customers.

That’s the best way to sell tickets to cinemas, museums or other public services by sending notification about special discounts or other offers. Both consumers and businesses around can benefit with such a cooperation.

Customized comfortable experience for each client

Installing beacons across the metropolis gives you the advantage of digital capabilities to deliver tailored services to every citizen. Public transportation will become an effective infrastructure that helps to arrive safe&sound and in-time at the destination without dealing with confusing schemes.

It’s also an investment from the point of view of the city as deploying beacon can create additional revenue streams.


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