Turn traditional marketing assets into digital experiences

Create mobile guides for tourists and send event information based on a guest’s exact location. Boost loyalty by providing the best content and increase comfort.

Heat maps for locations

Create heat maps, track attendance and understand content engagement to optimize your destination or future events.


In-door location

Locate tourists and event attendees to engage them with relevant content. Direct them to the places of interest to maximize convenience.



Send dedicated offers to boost sales and deliver contextual content. Encourage mobile engagement to understand your audience.

Layer 27

Smooth ticketing

Create guest lists and quickly send them digital tickets

Layer 28

Enhanced experience

Distribute contextual and personalized information based on the localization

Layer 29

Guided tours

Share details about the venue or another relevant place of interest



Attract potential customers with special offers

Layer 38

Analyze operations

View heat maps of asset movement over time. Compare analytics to optimize resource allocation and planning processes.

Layer 30

Safety basis

Plan emergency procedures and prepare security information

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