Digitize your workflow

Turn paper-based processes into contextual forms presented at the right time, right place, and to the right employee. Set the most effective response to changing circumstances.

Administrate resources

Manage your working program, scheduled activities, emergencies or medical conditions of each patient in real-time, within the entire facility.

Reduce risk

Minimize the risk of human error by automatically detecting service failures. Set alerts sent directly to employees in case of extraordinary events.

Analyze operations

View personnel routes and activity statistics. Compare analytics to optimize resource allocation and planning processes.

Employee supervising

Localize your workforce in real-time to effectively handle critical situations

Assets management

Track your high-value assets at all times to make sure they are safe and secure.

Enhance management

Make service audits easier and automate decision making with mobile management

Set goals

Customize and send task lists to motivate your staff and meet agreement goals

Reduce costs

Make better business decisions with rich analytics and all-in-one solution

Maintenace verifications

Don’t miss any deadlines with automated audits

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