Maximize return on assets

Improve the flow, the processes and the efficiency of the operations thanks to real-time monitoring. Digitize your workflow to enhance security if transit.

Delivering alert

Get notifications on the high-value assets and quickly report issues. Trigger list presentation on arrival at a location.

Temperature monitoring

Control processes for temperature-sensitive inventory. Track assets with real-time dashboards and digital history report.

Analyze logistics operations

View heat maps of asset movement over time. Compare analytics to optimize resource allocation and planning processes.

Assets management

Track your high-value assets at all times no matter where they are

Product information training

Get information about your inventory in real time and set on-arrival alerts

Sensor devices

Add any kind of sensor to your cargo. Track temperature, humidity and many others

Safety basis

Plan emergency procedures and prepare security information

Employee supervising

Localize your workforce in real-time to effectively handle critical situations

Enhance management

Make service audits easier and automate decision making with mobile management

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