Turn traditional marketing assets into digital experiences

Surprise your customers and engage them by delivering relevant content based on actual location. Utilize mobile channel to interact in the buying cycle and draw more shoppers.

Maping and localization

Map any space: shop, pharmacy or office and use micro-location to deliver contextual information.

Push notification

Send notifications with special offers and improve customer service by delivering product info in a snap.

Notification data

Analyze shopping habits and discover traffic pattern insights to improve in-store operations.

Get feedback

Send surveys to get valuable information from customers

Enhanced experience

Distribute contextual and personalized information based on the localization

Heat maps

Analyze your staff and customers movement in real-time


Attract potential customers with special offers

Analyze operations

Compare analytics to optimize resource allocation and planning processes.

Product information

Deliver supplementary product details based
on proximity.

Grow your business

Smoothly set up your beacon infrastructure and effectively manage your fleet. Share beacons with your contractors to utilize your beacons and maintain it at low cost. Start getting profits out of your localization.

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